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TMP files are used to store temporary information. Typically these files are stored only while information in them is needed by an application or operating system and are deleted as soon as this information becomes obsolete. TMP file extension is used by different operating systems including Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

TMP files can store different types of information. Frequently TMP files are just renamed files of other types. That is why it is often not easy to open TMP file without knowing what exactly is inside it.

TMP files are deleted by the operating system when they are not in use any more. But sometimes they can be left by the system and consume disk space.

During installation, some applications use temporary files instead of occupying the hard drive space of a system. This is the main reason why programs require enough storage space to be used for temporary files on specific location on a computer. When creating a Word document in Windows, a TMP file is automatically created and used by the system.

There are no real threats on the temp files. However, several memory resident viruses often associate themselves to temp files. Some even create temporary files altering those with .com and .exe extensions in order to spread.

You can open TMP files using text or hex editor. If the information inside the TMP file is textual then you will be able to see and understandwhat is stored inside. TMP files can contain initialization or information installation and other data related to specific application.

Open TMP file on Windows OS

  • If you know the application which created the TMP file use it to open it
  • You can use HxD, WinHex, UltraEdit to open TMP file and infer what is inside
  • Many TMP files are created as copies of other files. Try to check if you can find an original file..
  • In some cases TMP files are not supposed to be opened and are only used as temporary storage.

Similar file types

    • SWP or SWAP - Swap Files
    • BAK - Backup Files
    • TEMP - Temporary Files
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